What is Bioactive3D

Bioactive3D is a novel 3D cell culture system for neural cell cultures. It is based on randomly oriented polyurethane fibre scaffolds that are coated with a special composition of bioactive molecules that allow you to culture your cells under in vivo-like metabolic conditions. The scaffolds are easy to use and no special equipment is needed.

The 3D cell culture scaffold allows in vivo like cell growth with

– vastly improved morphology of astrocytes resembling their true in vivo morphology compared to standard 2D culture systems

– non-reactive astrocytes as found in vivo in the healthy brain

– the possibility to treat non-reactive astrocytes with compounds to test for astrocyte reactivity triggering stimuli as found in injury and disease

– easy and efficent exchange of fluids such as cell culture media and drug treatments (important advantage over other 3D systems such as 3D hydrogels)

– more in vivo like research results on cell cultures compared to standard 2D cell cultures

– randomly oriented fibre scaffold allowing astrocytes to grow more freely according to their own metabolic programs unlike when they are grown on 2D surfaces or on aligned scaffolds

From 2D to Bioactive3D

Your advantage using Bioactive3D

Bioactive3D will increase the value and quality of your data – it will allow you to

– improve research results to be more in vivo like

– help reduce the number of animal experiments

– improve drug and substance screening (less false positive/negative results due to alienated cell behavior in 2D)

– conduct experiments on co-cultures of different cell types within the same culture system

– study mechanisms of cell-cell interactions more easily


From 2D to Bioactive3D