Bioactive3D Products

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Bioactive3D – 24 multi-well plate insert

Catalogue # B3D-SA15
Culture plate insert for 24 multi-well plates, ∅ 15 mm
Optimal for astrocyte cultures
Product information

The 24 multi-well plate inserts are ideal for
– Immunocytochemistry
– Confocal imaging
– Live cell imaging
– DNA/RNA assays
– Biochemical assays

1 pack (contains 4 inserts)
List Price: € 95.00

Bioactive3D – Tissue culture dish insert

Catalogue # B3D-LA50
Culture plate insert for 60mm dishes, ∅ 50 mm
Optimal for astrocyte cultures
Product information

Ideal for experiments that require large scale cell cultures, e.g. protein harvesting for Western blot analysis.

1 pack (contains 2 inserts)
List Price: € 80.00

Bioactive3D – Complete assay kit

Catalogue # B3D-KIT-A
Optimal for astrocyte cultures
A complete kit for performing 3D cell cultures

Allows large scale cell cultures for protein harvest and multi well experiments for immunocytochemistry.

1 kit contains:
12 Bioactive3D 24 multi-well plate inserts (3 packs of B3D-SA15)
4 Bioactive3D Tissue culture dish inserts (2 packs of B3D-LA50)

List Price: € 360